R+D in Drug Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery Systems

R+D in Drug Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery Systems

R+D in Drug Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery Systems
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Group recognized by the Galician Government as of competitive reference due to its intense research activity. To carry out the work, the group has wide-ranging facilities and funding from national and autonomic competitive public research calls and from agreements with pharmaceutical industries and public agencies for consulting, provision of services, and development of generic medicines.

Regarding the scientific production in the last ten years, more of a hundred of research articles and reviews have been published in highly-reputed international journals, ten chapters have been written for specialized books and five patents have been registered. Numerous doctors supervised by members of the group have successfully integrated in the labor market, mainly in the university and in the pharmaceutical industry. At present fourteen PhD Thesis are in course.

The group maintains fruitful collaborations with research groups at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ghent University, Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares of UNAM México, University of Buenos Aires, University of Coimbra, University of Porto, University of Bradford and University of Matanzas, among others. The group also maintains agreements of exchange of students, in the Socrates-Erasmus Programm, with diverse European universities.


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